Creativity unblocked and time management as a mother and wife

My new years resolution this year is the first one I have kept past the first week. It’s to learn time management. Setting specific times and goals each and every day that are easily achievable and help me to get myself on track. This hasn’t been easy, I’ve slacked a couple of days, specifically on the weekends.

I’m easily overwhelmed and stressed, I have a hard time focusing on anything for a long period of time if it’s not engaging my mind. I craft and create, I read and paint. That’s WHO I am. I’m generally a horrid house wife. I loathe cleaning, I love cooking, but the house is almost always a mess because I could never be bothered to clean it. I wasn’t happy cleaning, I wasn’t enjoying cleaning, therefore I didn’t do it. Let me just say right now, that as a wife, my husband and I always had different views on how the house should be. He wanted it spotless, I would squeek by. It lead to a lot of arguments and disagreements between us.

So this year, to make myself more productive, and my family happier, I came up with a resolution that I felt I could keep. Time managment. I would set aside a specific amount of time each day where I would clean. Did you know that if you clean for an hour each day, and tidy up each night, that your house can be presentable within three days? I set a two hour cleaning regiment for each day. My house isn’t perfect still, but i would no longer be ashamed to have my friends or family over. To keep myself happy while cleaning I set up a playlist on youtube of my favorite songs(8 hours worth of music), set it on shuffle, and sing, dance and clean until my alarm went off. Two hours passed so quickly that it was hardly a bother, and the house looked fantastic! In being able to do this some how unblocked my creativity. I have created and sold more in the past two weeks than any other two week period since I have been active in my shop on etsy ( ) and rebelsmarket

I think that because I’m so much less stressed about the presentability of my home and my husband is so much happier, my creativity has bloomed. I actually have more time crafting and painting now even with the two hour’s of cleaning. There is less arguing, less stress, and a happier relationship with my husband, which of course makes for a much happier me. So happy crafting, and happy cleaning!