Health, happiness and being creative

The past several months I’ve been dealing with health issues, specifically a cancer scare. I’ve bern more svared for myself in the past two months than any other time, waiting for the phone calls from the hospital for weeks, living a month at a time between doctors appointments. I had my annual pap in march, a biopsy in april, and now am waiting till june to get the CIT’s removed. Ive been terrified, confused, crying and angry all at once, and its exhausting. So I decided to take control of my happiness. I researched the type of procedure im going to have done. I researched what exactly my options were, what exactly I have, evertything to give myself more knowledge and thus control over the situation.  I told myself over and over that I would be in good hands with the doctor. My husband has been a tremendous support to me, helping me stay positive and not letting me wallow too deeply in pity. He’s even taking a month off of work to help me out after my procedure. 
Since that first call from the hospital i’ve been depressed and basically uncreative. That